fifa world cup 2010

Great octopi of our time, No.2: Paul.

Submitted by Rick Eyre on July 8 2010, 2:30 pm

Following last December's stunning revelation of graphic footage of a coconut-carrying octopus comes the news that an Oberhausen cephalopod by the name of Paul has correctly predicted the outcome of every match Germany has played in the current FIFA World Cup. Including their semi-final loss to Spain this morning, of which El Pais reported, "El pulpo acertó."

Rio 2016, Delhi 2010, and the Shooting World Cup

Submitted by Rick Eyre on October 3 2009, 11:04 am

"An ongoing program of citywide investment will continue to result in further improvements, in areas such as security and transport. The long-term physical transformation of the city will be fully integrated with initiatives to deliver social inclusion, with new homes, training and jobs; to engage young people and promote education; and to invest in sport. [...]

Great moments in grovelling to China

Submitted by Rick Eyre on March 24 2009, 6:31 pm

South African organisers for next year's World Cup had set up a peace conference for this weekend as part of the buildup to the 2010 event. The government, however, has decided that the Dalai Lama should not be given a visa to entry the country to attend.

The reason? His visit would "overshadow the country's preparations for the 2010 FIFA World Cup". In protest, two former Nobel Peace laureates who don't require entry visas, namely Desmond Tutu and FW de Klerk, have decided not to attend.