Best use of Twitter since the last best use of Twitter

Submitted by Rick Eyre on August 4 2010, 7:54 pm

For @paulandstorm #kanyenewyorkertweets on TwitpicIn what is surely the finest use of social media since William Shatner performed the tweets of Sarah Palin on late night television, the 85 year-old cartoon archive of the New Yorker magazine has been revitalised, drawings recaptioned with the dee

Position statement: Social media (May 2010)

(April 2017: This page represents my attitudes to various social media as at May 2010. Consider it substantially obsolete today. Many of the platforms have altered or disappeared, new ones have come along, and my reluctance over Facebook has been replaced by new reluctances over Facebook. An updated page will be posted "in due course". - RE, 21.4.17)

Methinks the commish doth tweet too much

Submitted by Rick Eyre on February 24 2010, 10:47 pm

There is much I dislike about IPL Commissioner Lalit Kumar Modi, but one cannot doubt his eagerness to connect with his public via his chosen medium of Twitter. I personally appreciate the fact that he took the time to engage in conversation with me on Twitter last October over an op-ed piece of his that was published in the Times of India.

Twitted assistor, Part Five: We're not gonna take it any more

Submitted by Rick Eyre on February 2 2010, 1:01 pm

For a variety of reasons I didn't do a normal cricket blog after Boxing Day 2009. I continued to pass comment on Twitter over the past month, however, and over the past few days I have been summarising, with annotations, my cricket-related tweets between December 27 and the present. Some tweets have been omitted for reasons of clarity or sanity, none have been internally edited.