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Updated position statement on Facebook

Submitted by Rick Eyre on October 3 2011, 10:58 am

In short, Facebook has become, for me, a glorified RSS reader, and little else.

This updates my previous position statement on Facebook posted in June 2010. All the insidious tinkering since then by the House of Zuckerburg makes little difference to the fact that I regard a Facebook profile as a necessary evil to maintain a reluctant frontier.

Will Goog le plus take over its mantle? Don't be evil.

Position statement: Facebook (June 2010)

I remain a Facebook user grudgingly. Very grudgingly. It's easy to use, popular - probably the closest thing to a universal "social medium" we have yet seen, almost a replacement for email and instant messaging for some people, and great for group expression. But it has serious privacy issues which are not helped by the constant tinkering by its owners.

Position statement: Social media (May 2010)

(April 2017: This page represents my attitudes to various social media as at May 2010. Consider it substantially obsolete today. Many of the platforms have altered or disappeared, new ones have come along, and my reluctance over Facebook has been replaced by new reluctances over Facebook. An updated page will be posted "in due course". - RE, 21.4.17)