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Suppose they offered a Commonwealth Games and nobody bid?

Submitted by Rick Eyre on October 6 2010, 4:17 pm

Does the sporting world really need a Commonwealth Games every four years? Is it worth the trouble, the cost, the sporting overkill, the anachronistic vestages of empire? You can probably tell which way I'm leading these questions.

Howard for President - a bid flying undone

Submitted by Rick Eyre on May 28 2010, 3:42 pm

"John Howard for President". It makes about as much sense as "Joh For PM" and now looks just as doomed. The supposedly-innocuous bid to parachute Howard into the vice-presidency of the International Cricket Council from July this year, and by virtue of succession, its presidency from July 2012, appears dead in the water.

Adelaide Day One: Somewhere between the sublime and the ridiculous

Submitted by Rick Eyre on December 5 2009, 11:43 am

And so it was on Friday that for about two hours we had the exhilaration of simultaneously following: Day Three, India v Sri Lanka at Mumbai; Day Two, New Zealand v Pakistan at Wellington; Day One, Australia v West Indies at Adelaide. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Just exhausting. Three games of wildly varying textures, each one with that joyous "Let's See You Do That In The IPL" feel about them.

Gabba day one: Great moments in press licensing, er, freedom

Submitted by Rick Eyre on November 10 2007, 9:58 am

Ah yes, the home Test cricket season has begun. All the familiar trappings of the opening day.

The quiet buzz of the crowd still finding their seats as the first ball of the day is bowled. The sedate crack of willow on leather which echoes around the stadium as the ball is struck defensively to the leg side. The same act repeated five more times as Phil Jaques blocks Chaminda Vaas' inswingers. The return of the drizzle at the end of the over, the covers are driven on as the players and umpires walk off.

First Test team

Submitted by Rick Eyre on November 1 2007, 2:41 pm

It's almost time for cricket to re-emerge from ten months of the absurd. The Australian team for next Thursday's First Test against Sri Lanka at the Gabba has been announced. No huge surprises. Good to see Phil Jaques selected to partner Matty Hayden at the top of the order. No room for Katich following his 306 on the Paddington Highway on the weekend. The first pace attack of the post-Pigeon era is about as expected.