May 2012

Daily Twitter Posts - 30/05/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on May 31 2012, 6:47 pm

20:47 Now I get it. is the new Orkut. #
20:37 $A12.75! RT @jacquelinmagnay: London olympic organisers to charge 8 pounds for a pie and potato at Games. Same price for cod and chips. #
20:35 In which country are the rights to telecast #London2012 worth the most per capita? Take a bow, Australia. - #
19:36 Where's those life expectancy tables again? RT @joeobrien24: Judge says #CharlesTaylor sentence of 80yrs would be excessive #
18:38 Good. #auspol RT @latingle: ACA says it won't be pursuing thomson story further #
18:34 Canberra football club demands player give up second sport, ie backyard trampolining - #
18:26 Jules off to Sweden for next year's Eurovision #
18:14 Second leg of the Swedish quinella coming up. They've got Eurovision. Will they get Assange? #
18:09 Joint statement from @CanberraUnited and Ellyse Perry - #football #soccer #wleague #cricket #
17:40 +1 RT @jeffrey_gabriel: Feel sorry for @newcastleherald and @illawarramerc staff being punished for the underperforming @smh and @theage #
17:27 Good on the Fairfax staff for walking out. We on Twitter should boycott Fairfax websites for the duration of the strike in support. #
17:23 On the subject of regional media killed by centralisation: RT @everyword: prime #
16:13 ABC axes Warren Beatty film for Royal pageant while the rest of us will be watching the footy - #
12:53 If Mitt Romney wants to be President of A Mercia, or even the Mercia, he's going to need to deal with these guys first #
12:47 According to his iPhone app, Mitt Romney stands for "A Better Amercia" - #sillinessstakes #
12:40 "If we don't perform you can hold us to account at the next election." That's not what the original BOF Contract With NSW said. #nswpol #
12:37 Ooh. BOF's pledge to resign has been written out of the "Contract With NSW" as it now appears online! #nswpol #
12:35 @SportForWomen Yes. Media only appears to beat up negative stories like this one. Rightly or not, both sports need "good news" like Perry #
12:29 With the BOF govt's backflip over protecting national parks, here's their pre-election Contract With NSW: #nswpol #
12:12 @SportForWomen on seats where? W-league? Matildas? Breakers? Sstars? In front of the TV? Being interested doesnt equal being there in person #

Daily Twitter Posts - 28/05/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on May 29 2012, 6:32 pm

23:15 Presidential Election Now! RT @GhostWhoVotes: #Newspoll Preferred PM: Gillard 40 (+4) Abbott 37 (-3) #auspol #
15:37 A disquieting account from @evanjweiner of how an October 2020 Doha Olympics would have been bad for NBC - #
12:24 From @farrm51 on one of the Gillard Government's unsung strengths, Jenny Macklin - #auspol #
12:10 Ch9 retain Grant Hackett for their #london2012 coverage. Maybe they'll keep him on for next year's season of The Block. #
09:54 Interesting piece on private equity investment in Africa; read the comments RT @mgthoughtleader Scramble for Africa 2.0 #
08:53 So it's a Melbourne thing! RT @MediaweekAUS: Sun TV: #Eurovision final 531k (Syd 134k Mel 234k Bri 68k Ade 26k Per 69k) #SBSOne #

Daily Twitter Posts - 27/05/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on May 28 2012, 6:23 pm

23:59 Uncouth Aussies wasting good wine. #f1 #
23:57 And why didn't they fly the kid from Annie to Monte Carlo on standby to sing the Australian anthem? #f1 #
23:55 I know it's late on a Sunday night but did Australia just win the Eurovision Grand Prix? #
23:16 So can I now congratulate Sweden 15 hours after hearing the result? #sbseurovision #
20:07 No #SBSEurovision for me, but I couldn't help sneaking a look at Engelbert. He didn't do too bad I thought - #
19:50 Sheesh people. If you want to avoid spoilers you should demand SBS show #SBSEurovision live next year, and get up at 5am Sunday to watch it! #
16:23 Argentine Olympic Committee President hints at 2030 Summer Olympic bid. Yes, 2030. Or maybe 2034. - #
13:04 Ugh. Wests in deep trouble this year. RT @Wests_Tigers: FT Balmain Ryde Eastwood 88 def Wests Magpies 16 #VBNSWCup #
08:45 That moment 20 minute after you cut your toenails when you notice the trail of blood you've been walking everywhere. #
08:25 Perhaps the answer is for SBS to show #Eurovision live with no repeats so people have to be up at dawn on Sunday morning to catch it. #
08:21 Yes, there is that. RT @hdrebner: I also have a question: Why show #Eurovision at all? #
08:11 I say this every year. SBS shows no end of European soccer live to air. Why not #Eurovision? #

Daily Twitter Posts - 26/05/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on May 27 2012, 6:15 pm

17:50 And part 2 of that feature: RT @playthegame_org: Euro 2012: Ukraine’s PR disaster: #Euro2012 #
17:30 There are 120 open criminal cases in Ukraine related to #Euro2012 construction projects. #
13:33 I'd love to hear Tony Abbott's response on workplace bullying. #auspol #
12:12 I really wonder at the competencies required to become a professional signwriter these days. Spelling apparently is optional. #
11:46 Oh dear. Typo alert. #
10:38 The Azerbaijan the cameras won't show you. RT @amnestyOz: Sara Hickman: why I am not going to #Eurovision #Azerbaijan #
09:54 Replugging my latest on @isportconnect - "Cricket’s broadcast rights: Locking in the future or locking out the future?" #
09:11 What time does #TEDxNugent start? #
08:48 Another climate change summit ends in disappointment, this time in Bonn - #
08:11 From the "Why bother?" file - "IOC announces Foursquare deal" | Sport Industry Group News #london2012 #

Daily Twitter Posts - 25/05/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on May 26 2012, 6:09 pm

20:40 Actually, why have I even got the volume on channel 9 higher than zero? #
20:36 Did I just hear that promo for ACA use the phrase "dole bludger"? (Why was I even paying attention?) #
17:09 On the other hand, the ClubsNSW BullyCheck program would probably stop Tony Abbott from becoming Prime Minister #
17:07 Dunno about this RT @InnerWestNews Bullies could lose out on a job under a new BULLYcheck program launched by ClubsNSW. #
16:10 Is there *anything* nice that can be said about Cory Bernardi? #auspol #
14:38 Nothing to report, in fact RT @IBAF_Baseball Baseball and softball don't have yet a joint bid for Olympic reinstatement #
14:04 Totally totally brilliant. #nrl #soo RT @FireUpOnFBI: Denis Carnahan: Genius: #
13:50 I can't wait to see Senator Assange wearing his soundproof mask in Question Time in 2014. #auspol #
11:36 Could there be any greater hell than being teamed on a reality TV show than Catherine Deveny and Peter Reith? #
11:35 You mean Celebrity Go Back To Where You Came From *wasn't* an April Fools joke? #
10:32 Rio served search warrant in Olympic golf course dispute; city says it hasn't signed contract #rio2016 #
09:35 On the eve of #TEDxSydney here's an #ff for: RT @TedNugent: Knee surgery sux but my team was womderful #
08:06 So the intense media coverage of the intense media pressure continues unabated #auspol #
07:17 @breakfastnews If the name "South Australia" is too boring, then rename it "The Bit Between Western Australia And The Eastern States". #
07:08 Tony Abbott doesn't get it. Backing off on an issue doesn't mean continuing to play politics with. #auspol #

Cricket’s broadcast rights: Locking in the future or locking out the future?

Submitted by Rick Eyre on May 26 2012, 10:04 am

One of the biggest tasks for David Richardson when he takes over in July as chief executive of the ICC will be to secure the best possible rights deal for 2015-2023. The future of the ICC’s development programs will be financially secured, but could the evolution of the sport be locked away for eight years?

Daily Twitter Posts - 24/05/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on May 25 2012, 6:01 pm

19:26 It seems to be raining heavily outside now. #
19:00 Come ln, is a musician reported as being "on drugs" instead of "on drums" really *that* funny? #
17:58 Thursday night #NRL? Seriously? Why not just go for seven nights a week? #
17:33 Hey what happened to @dannolan_ebooks? #qanda #
17:29 Thank *you*! RT @CeBITAUS: Thank You For A Great #CeBIT #
17:14 I love the fact that consecutive tweets in my timeline are from @tedxsydney and @RandomTEDTalks. But we really need a #TEDxNugent. #
16:01 Tony Abbott can now, I believe, be fairly classified as a thug and a bully. That is all. #auspol #
14:08 Why did Doha's bid for the 2020 Olympics come to grief? NBC don't want an October Games - #

Daily Twitter Posts - 23/05/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on May 24 2012, 5:53 pm

22:32 Well I was going to watch #Lateline because @FatherBob is guest tweeting, but not if Cadet Lawyer Brandis is on the show #
22:08 Sorry ch9 but giving me a promo for the WSC miniseries at this moment is just messing with my head way too much. Switching off. #
22:07 I don't think we were ever quite going to win... but Queensland won by 6 more points than they should have. #soo #origin #
22:02 I'm going to need a thorough objective explanation of why that Inglis try was given. Which ch9 won't be capable of doing. #soo #origin #
21:55 How on earth do you get a try out of that? Terrible. #soo #origin #
21:54 No no no no no. #soo #origin #
21:49 Ah, parochialism. #soo #origin MT @newcastleherald: Knights wingers score first in Origin: #
21:28 David Carney would have kicked that. #soo #origin #
21:18 The Windsor Wolf scores!! #soo #origin Oh Billy #
21:04 Meninga looks like he's rehearsing a campaign speech for the ACT elections. #
21:03 @Swearycat yes but we should have reached that milestone already :( #
21:00 This will get better. Won't it? #gotheblues #soo #origin #
20:48 So this would be the first time that Fiji has supplied both NSW #Origin wingers since... oh, #SOO 2 of 2011 #
20:45 Mal Meninga hasn't been so happy since he had that with Chris Uhlmann. #soo #origin #
20:43 And your Darius? Delirious! #soo #origin #
20:38 Hmm. The Windsor lad gets 10 in the bin. #soo #origin #
20:37 Petulance. #soo #origin #biff #
20:21 Akuila Uate, the second Woy Woy lad made good after Sir Spike Milligan. #soo #origin #
20:14 8.13pm the footy starts and I'll shut up now. #soo #soo1 #origin #sotonzqld #gotheblues #
20:13 And at this moment Hugh Delahunty is waiting for "God Defend New Zealand" to start. #
20:12 Sorry, that was a bad idea. The anthem deserves much better. #
20:11 Product placement performing the national anthem. #soo #origin #

Daily Twitter Posts - 22/05/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on May 23 2012, 5:46 pm

17:55 I see it now, coming to channel 9 in 2013: Schapelle Corby joins the cast of Getaway. #
17:37 Tell you what, if my name was Craig Thompson, I'd start suing a few people. Hint world: spelling. #
17:32 Senator Conroy's address to the #CeBITAus plenary this morning, which he read off his iPad - #
16:31 I'm getting bored with Canberra. Why don't the news channels give us rolling coverage of the PNG parliament which actually sounds exciting? #
16:28 And doesn't the ambience of the neighbourhood change when the local kebab shop closes for renovations! #
13:15 Ach! #ABC1 repeating last night's #qanda? Do I have to put the TV on mute again? #
13:06 @tbutson hooray for that! #
13:00 Also speaking at the #CeBITAus plenary was Indian ICT Minister Sachin Pilot. There's something about him that really impresses me. #
12:54 Went to the opening plenary at #CeBITAus this morning. @E_Kaspersky gave a brilliant keynote. Very funny man. #
12:42 Hey when did they bring back the rubbish bins to the platforms at Central? #cityrail #win #
10:59 I'm at CeBIT Australia 2012 (Sydney, NSW) w/ 9 others #