April 2012

Daily Twitter Posts - 29/04/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on April 30 2012, 3:27 pm

22:07 I don't normally recommend Facebook galleries but for tapirs I'll make an exception - RT @worldtapirday: http://t.co/3W8F5m84 #
19:20 Profile by @insidethegames of Tom Tate, who won Gold Coast's mayoral election yesterday. http://t.co/of0T7wXf #cwg #goldcoast2018 #
19:06 The Opposition needs to move no confidence on the day Parliament resumes, no later. If it fails they should cop it till 2013. #auspol #
16:50 For the benefit of those watching on TV I won't exhale for an hour. #nrlparwst #
16:18 @markMGgeyer the Anzac jerseys are tacky ripoffs. Wouldn't be so bad if Legacy etc got a %age of the replica sales #
14:40 I can just see tonight's "Tony Abbott says..." lead stories being written as we speak. #auspol #
08:17 #london2012 Missiles stationed on residential roof for Olympics - http://t.co/oHFh9Ul0 #
07:40 Oh gawd. RT @newcastleherald: BREAKING NEWS: #Orica chemical stockpile floating off #Newcastle coast http://t.co/UVozw8zf #environment #
07:32 Should I name and shame a sporting team for posting an Instagram shot of a complementary tweet, complete with frilly borders? #

Daily Twitter Posts - 28/04/2012

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19:35 WWF's UK CEO evaluates the #London2012 official Sustainability Partners. Some are less suitable than others - http://t.co/DadSTvgj #
18:16 Fascinating. RT @datastore: International land deals: who is investing and where | Claire Provost http://t.co/f2qiaoMM #
17:37 TAbbott claimed in today's #asktony session to be a GWS Giants supporter. Does he even know they played today? #aflgiantsdogs #
17:09 I see there's been another Newtown victory when I wasn't in attendance. #vbnswcup #
13:58 Hmm if TAbbott thinks supporting the GWS Giants will win him votes he needs to practice the team's name first. #
13:08 Hmm no one prior to the early 1970s RT @Bubs_11: If you haven't voted yet get onto it!! http://t.co/gjNvOEHf #
12:44 Nice cheap 11 minute stunt that. RT @TonyAbbottMHR: Flight called. Thanks for the responses, Cheers #asktony #
12:41 #asktony @TonyAbbottMHR Given the choice between a major international summit and an olympic team fundraiser, what would you choose? #
12:36 #asktony Why did you lie to the Australian public yesterday about the state of our diplomatic relations with Indonesia? #
12:35 #asktony When are you going to apologise for your deceitful and distasteful "red light on the hill" remark this morning? #
12:32 Is it time I got myself across this Hunger Game Of Thrones that everyone seems to be talking about? #
12:30 Hmm. #nrlcbyman RT @joegee8: Great win but better that we honoured our anzacs #saluté http://t.co/SFNcpGNf #
11:31 #auspol @TonyAbbottMHR said WHAT?? RT @latikambourke: Tony Abbott - Ben Chifley's party now defending Craig Thomson's red light on the hill. #
10:55 With a lot of wishful thinking, hope neither of them ever become Prime Minister. #
10:53 Still, compare Shorten's mindless loyalty to Tony "Whatever It Is, I'm Against It" Abbott. #auspol #
10:31 also conjures up images of Bill Shorten the Jack Russell on At Home With Julia #
10:27 Just watched the Bill Shorten/Sky News interview (albeit a Libs edited version). Reminds me of a Shorten appearance on #qanda last year. #
09:50 Oh Rupert. RT @rupertmurdoch: Dramatic, slimy events in Australian politics. Country desperately needs election to get fresh start. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 27/04/2012

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20:46 I've just posted to my #LinkedIn rugby league forum about those Manly jumpers - http://t.co/gXYVJtel #nrl #nrlcbyman #
20:09 Sorry @manlyseaeagles but your uniform tonight is a disgraceful exploitation of Anzac Day and everyone at the club should be ashamed. #nrl #
20:07 You too can wear your own Manly camouflage jersey for only $160. If a %age was going to, say, Legacy then I could forgive them. #nrlcbyman #
19:58 complete with RSL badge on the sleeve and Centrebet sponsor's logo on the back. Who approved this offensive rubbish? #nrlcbyman #nrl #
19:56 #nrlcbyman I just found out what the Manly jumpers tonight are about. I am utterly dumbstruck :( http://t.co/8UCy7hFS #
19:52 #nrlcbyman #groan RT @rdhinds: The demon Barba with fleet feet? Sorry. #
19:45 That sound you hear is Rex Mossop turning in his grave at the sight of Manly's jersey tonight. #nrlcbyman #
18:19 @bernietb It works well if you've 40 minutes to watch a half-hour program :) #
18:09 @bernietb true, but none of those are unmetered on my phone like the Optus Footy Piracy Engine #
17:58 I'll watch it on Optus TV Now.... oh. RT @AndrewBGreene: On #abcnews24 now Government Leader of the House @AlboMP joins Capital Hill #
17:36 So who is tonight's @Lateline guest-tweeter, will they know in advance, and will the German #Lateline tweets be more interesting? #
15:29 Grrr. Optus has been forced to suspend TV Now despite AFL and NRL being a minute proportion of the TV programming available. #
14:24 Are the laws of gravity finally catching up with JB Hi-fi? - http://t.co/mcSaZ8ps #
13:54 It being April 27, I wish everyone a happy World Tapir Day! @worldtapirday #
13:38 More reckless rhetoric from a hubris-driven Tony Abbott, this time directed at Indonesia - http://t.co/UYxEABVG #auspol #
09:26 Today's Twitter highlight is brought to you by @charltonbrooker live-tweeting a 1977 episode of Top of the Pops. #
09:04 Hmm so @lateline appointed a guest tweeter without checking with the tweeter? #scandal #shock #fail #

Daily Twitter Posts - 26/04/2012

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20:47 Guilty. RT @France24_en: [BREAKING] #CharlesTaylor found guilty of crimes (Special Court for Sierra Leone) http://t.co/qxcoEhqT #
19:03 And @Gallipoli_Live is continuing to tweet in real time the events from 97 years ago today. #
18:35 #london2012 RT @frasereC4: BBC Olympic Squad bigger Team GB. 765 beeb staff v 550 athletes. Love it #
18:23 According to Telstra, Birchgrove is a remote rural location. - http://t.co/8FF2rJWQ (via @innerwestnews) #sydney #innerwest #
18:11 #london2012 RT @playthegame_org: Why a Token Saudi Female Athlete is not Enough http://t.co/aucAxqly #
17:34 Should I watch tonight's #climatechange #qanda in the hope that someone asks Clive Palmer a question about soccer? #
13:59 #london2012 RT @MotherJones: BP, Dow Chemical Sponsoring the "Greenest Ever" Olympics, and UK enviros aren't having it. http://t.co/A16KkMoz #
12:20 I'm not sure which is the more valuable contribution to the intertubes, @textinstagram or @PicturelessPins. But they're both good. #
07:17 Re the case for Pinterest without pictures RT @RoadshowFilms: More Hunger Games cupcakes! #film #hungergames http://t.co/PPYkIH1C #
06:40 Oh. Ron Paul is still around to save us all from Mittens? (yes @klout I'm being influential on the Republican Party again) #

Daily Twitter Posts - 25/04/2012

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20:25 While in Australia we've been observing #ANZACDay today, April 25 is also World Malaria Day - http://t.co/kihvNqrf #WMD2012 #
19:05 Episode 2 of Julian Assange's "The World Tomorrow". At least Slavoj Zizek is fun to watch, as usual. - http://t.co/0NUj3rtG #
18:44 No, Barnaby and TJ should slow-jam the headlines. RT @Lateline: Lateline's guest tweeter tonight is Senator Barnaby Joyce. #
18:38 Watching ep2 of the #Assange comedy half-hour. Slavoj Zizek is the life of the party. He should host the show each week, not Jules. #
18:26 (actually, I could imagine @kruddmp attempting the slow-jam. And let's not even think of Bob Katter.) #
18:24 Like: Wow. Imagine @JuliaGillard doing this? RT @BarackObama: President Obama and Jimmy Fallon slow-jam the news: http://t.co/vgWb3bZr #
17:55 "Give credit to Bernie Ecclestone: Every despot should have a grand prix" - the latest from @mrmarksteel - http://t.co/iZkbbR2y #f1 #bahrain #
17:48 The real-time tweetage of events at Gallipoli 97 years ago continues by @Gallipoli_Live #anzacday #
16:34 Is global warming actually happening? 16 Answers: http://t.co/hdsr9rhX on @Quora #climatechange #
15:32 @arwon they don't seem to be too fussed on a return for their investment in TV rights. They'd have Anzac Day afternoon almost to themselves #
15:28 So #ch7 Sydney doesn't show *any* AFL on its analog channel any more!?! #aflpiesdons #
15:17 Signor Berlusconi? RT @everyword: pornocracy #
14:21 No. No. This is not the day for newlyweds to be having their pictures taken in Martin Place. #anzacday #
14:12 The Cenotaph, Martin Place. #ANZACDay http://t.co/CmLqDOeT #
14:07 Jolly sailors singing merrily on George Street. #ANZACDay http://t.co/omyuQBMt #
13:23 Real-time tweeting now by @Gallipoli_Live of the landing at what is now Anzac Cove on April 25, 1915. #anzacday #
12:59 Garden of Remembrance, Chatswood. #ANZACDay http://t.co/heOd08xG #
11:08 In memory of my uncle, Private Percy Walter Ellis Eyre, who died in the Battle of El Alamein in 1942. #anzacday http://t.co/qIY6Lj59 #
10:37 #anzacday RT @abcnews: To keep across the re-enactment, follow @Gallipoli_Live #
08:25 Lest We Forget. #ANZACDay #

Daily Twitter Posts - 24/04/2012

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20:40 #sudan #southsudan RT @France24_en: [BREAKING] South-Sudan leader Kiir says #Khartoum has 'declared war' on his country http://t.co/ciGGLEAU #
20:35 If I wanted to see everything the Hon.Speaker-In-Hiatus tweets I would have followed him myself. Enough of the blanket retweeting already! #
20:22 Congratulations @NZBreakers! #nbl RT @NZStuffSport: ANBL grand finals - Game 3 live-blog commentary http://t.co/Oe1cges6 #
19:52 Did Uhlmann talk over Abbott last night the way he's talking over Albo tonight? #abc730 #
18:38 @KKeneally thanks. Go the Wildcats! #
18:29 Twitter is a live medium, not a TV chat room. Please go ahead :) MT @KKeneally: Twitterverse: want scores or not? #NBLGF #
18:27 Out takes of actors fluffing their lines and bursting into laughter. Gosh I've never seen that happen before. #
15:53 Yes but who actually listens to evening talkback? RT @ThePowerIndex: Watch out Sydney: Bolt's on his way to 2GB http://t.co/l8455WHJ #
15:24 It's become very cold since that storm at lunchtime. #
15:23 The family that sold its #water licence on the Murrumbidgee and is setting up business in #Sudan http://t.co/hPSsqzhO #
15:06 Couldn't agree more. RT @everyword: poppycock #
14:24 Oi Google! I didn't give you permission to put me back onto the New Gmail! #
13:23 And today's reading is: RT @WorldBank: How much progress has been made on the #MDGs? Find out here: http://t.co/8hkkS626 #
13:16 Thunderstorm? Now? #
11:25 So is @PM_Live / @PMonAir still raving about that said ACA report? Judging by the flippant hashtag he's using this morning I'd say yes. #
11:20 From @meadea on last night's @ACurrentAffair9 Leanne Edelsten abomination - http://t.co/oh0FV8Lq #
07:13 It's not his "former" role. MT @thetodayshow: Peter Slipper still pockets the salary & perks of his former role as Federal Speaker #

Daily Twitter Posts - 23/04/2012

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23:58 Not really sure why I ever followed Mr Murray. Don't any more in any case. #
23:50 Great in what sense? RT @pm_live: VIDEO: Here is the GREAT #aca story we were talking about on #pmlive. Enjoy: http://t.co/jqzcjO95 @PMOnAir #
20:51 Hmmm. #london2012 RT @peaceandsport What do you think: are the London Games the 1st world’s “first social Olympics"? http://t.co/Mr4Wqz0B #
18:04 I really want to know when Chris Uhlmann is going to get Mal Meninga on 7.30 #
17:48 And with @JohnQuiggin guest-tweeting Lateline tonight, I might even stay up and watch... twitter. #
16:42 So Deputy Prime Minister Emeritus Bob Brown is on #qanda tonight. Might even watch tonight. #
16:37 Oh of course. #NRL Round 8 kicks off Wednesday afternoon. #
16:07 It's not a referendum. It's not a plebiscite. It's... an online poll! - http://t.co/zfjmN0EV #
15:59 @ben_hr I'm a big @ConversationEDU fan and I'm not in academia. #
15:50 A quick search on Twitter tells me that the disappearance of Michael Jackson has had greater exposure around Marrickville than one J.Kony #
15:21 Michael Jackson is missing! http://t.co/fSPs9r5o #
13:59 @Steph_Philbrick why does Micro$oft have to do everything differently? Oh that's right, cause they're Micro$oft #
13:18 "install Microsoft Silverlight." Are you serious, Bigpond? #
12:03 Tony Abbott makes things up. Have I mentioned this before? #
11:37 The allegations against #Slipper are serious and must be investigated. But they're not political. It's wrong for Abbott to politicise this. #
11:26 Shorter ABC 24: We can't bring you Murray Rose's funeral, so let's see if Tony Abbott's got something to say instead. #
08:13 Hmm @everyword is having one of those days #
06:32 Hehe. RT @France24_en: FRENCH ELECTIONS 2012: Twitter users circumvent French law with WWII codes http://t.co/3S9QBP8z #
03:12 +1 RT @everyword: poo #

Daily Twitter Posts - 22/04/2012

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19:29 I trust Clive Palmer is enjoying the #aleague grand final. #
19:28 Huh? RT @abcgrandstand: Jacob Burns won the #JoeMarstonmedal. Thomas Broich was incorrectly presented with the award after the #aleaguegf. #
19:25 Australia joins the global Sanitation and Water for All Partnership - http://t.co/AjVDApMk #mdg #wash #auspol #
18:34 What? Brisbane City have won the NSL? #
18:21 @Tzarimas If by Newcastle that means expanding the existing airport at Williamtown, they'd have to shift the RAAF base first. #sydneyairport #
17:12 What Queensland federal MPs are up to: RT @KRuddMP: Good to drop by the Cannon Hill Bowls Clubs today. KRudd http://t.co/ekgpubap #
15:52 All right. @theNSWswifts win. Take that Queensland! #netball #
15:22 At least with ch9 putting the #CvC on delay I can watch the whole NSW v Qld #netball game on ch10. Go Swifts! #
15:02 Poll: Should City v Country be retained? Vote or comment - http://t.co/T6xuFIau #CvC #NRL #rugbyleague #
12:25 The first one I've seen all weekend. #kony2012 @ Maundrell Park http://t.co/kwnUNhhj #
10:03 @LynPatey the front cover told me enough to not bother going further #
09:34 Someone has left copies of these on every seat of the train carriage. http://t.co/Pbs6bbhd #
09:32 Folks, we can be only half an hour away from "ponger". RT @everyword: pongee #
09:00 Does Anzac Day still have relevance? Yes. Next question please... #
08:38 There is fog outside my window. Still. Outside my window sill still. Not inside my brain as per usual. Or is it. #
07:19 Whose scoop was it? A @poynter storification of a rather silly online argument. - http://t.co/kqta4a9P #

Daily Twitter Posts - 21/04/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on April 22 2012, 2:56 pm

23:41 "This is politics not sport. If drivers can't see that, they are the pits" Robert Fisk on the Bahrain #F1 Grand Prix - http://t.co/bYqFZTws #
23:32 How Nike Makes a Soccer Uniform From 13 Recycled Bottles [VIDEO] http://t.co/ylaTsLnV via @mashable #
23:18 And a little disappointed that the ABC is pushing a 15 character hashtag for #rage instead of something more practical #
23:14 This is sad. I am too tired to stay up and watch #Rage. It's not 1987 any more... #
23:12 Palestine football star seriously ill from four-week hunger strike http://t.co/Hu4N0aTB #palestine #israel #
22:52 I only took three photos at the #VBNSWCup double-header at Henson Park this afternoon: http://t.co/9qPKmRLs #
21:45 #london2012 RT @sport_thinktank: How much of your council tax is going towards the Olympic torch relay in your borough? http://t.co/eKWGNQ10 #
21:23 In Praise of Ignorance: Why It's OK To Tweet "Who Is Dick Clark?" - http://t.co/dQnNpUcL (via @TheAtlantic) #
17:09 Jets have won 5 out of 8 this season. I've seen them play twice: they lost 48-12 and 32-0. #
16:42 #vbnswcup Not a day for closely fought rugby league at Henson Park. Full time in the second game of the double header. Balmain 32 Newtown 0. #
16:31 Actually that's 9 mins to go now. Very hard to read the new Henson Park scoreboard in the setting sun I'm afraid. #vbnswcup #
15:46 #vbnswcup Balmain leading Newtown 18-0 at the break. Not sure that was in the script. #
15:13 #vbnswcup Balmain score first against Newtown 6-0. Follow @nswrl and @leagueunlimited for updates or listen to @triplehfooty #
14:44 It's a pity the golden Slipper isn't being run today. #
14:29 That be full time, North Sydney 52 Western Suburbs 6. The Rabbitohs organisation will have plenty to be happy about. #vbnswcup #
14:26 Bears almost but not quite in again. #vbnswcup http://t.co/HqgLhCso #
14:23 Half century to the Bears. 50-6 with 2 minutes to go. #vbnswcup #
14:10 Pity that @westsmagpies aren't affiliated with an #NRL club this season. I fear they'll have a bleak year. #vbnswcup #
14:07 Wests have scored! It's 6-32 with 17 mins remaining. #vbnswcup #
13:21 Now 14-0 to Norths. Justin Hunt has 2 tries, Merritt the other. #vbnswcup #
13:17 Nathan Merritt just scored for the Bears. They lead the Maggies 8-0 late in the 1st half. #vbnswcup #
12:53 Under way. North Sydney v Western Suburbs. @ Henson Park- Home of The Newtown Jets http://t.co/oLeck61B #
12:48 Entering #rugbyleague match day mode. If you don't want to know the score (or anything else) look away for four hours. #vbnswcup #
12:39 #Foundationchallenge day in the #VBNSWCup. (@ Henson Park) http://t.co/SGWvBIxe #
11:49 Only?? RT @washingtonpost: Twitter study: Only 36% of tweets worth reading http://t.co/bZKasXO0 #
11:13 #london2012 RT @SocialSport: Sportsnetworker reviews the London games social media policy http://t.co/yHczCCqn #

Daily Twitter Posts - 20/04/2012

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21:50 Australia wins. I long for the days when State of Origin will be a selection trial for the Tests and not the other way round. #nrl #
20:50 Flybuys. They won't work and they will hurt. #
20:44 Poll: Should the City v Country game be kept? http://t.co/T6xuFIau #nrl #cvc #rugbyleague #linkedin #
20:41 Oh no. Are we getting a Fly Buys advertorial at half time in the #anzactest? #
20:37 FIFA's insistance on legalised beer sales at the 2014 World Cup is resisted by the Brazilian senate RT @playthegame_org http://t.co/OEXMvWJB #
20:15 So which Australian actresses said no before Dawn French was brought in to do the Fly Buy ads? #
19:59 No! Sheesh. RT @harves60: Does the iinet result mean everythings fair game? Download what you like and the copyright owner can go whistle? #
19:57 So nice of ch9 to start the #anzactest telecast nearly 15 mins before the actual game ends. Reasons why they should not regain the TV rights #
19:45 One Direction guest stars on Australia's Funniest Home Videos? #irrelevanceoverdose #
17:34 Me too. RT @stilgherrian: I think something creepy and potentially unethical just happened in NSW politics. #
17:22 Goodness me. Mark Tobin jumps from ABC state political reporter over to BOF's media team. I hope confidentiality applies re prev employment. #
14:27 If I only choose one #ff this week it has to be @PhillipAdamsABC. How did Twitter ever cope without him? #
13:54 It would keep me away if I attacked a caterpillar. RT @CSIROhelix: Solo caterpillars vomit to defend themselves. Eww. http://t.co/RLymLS3K #
13:01 Every now and then Mark Latham writes something brilliant. Today is one of those days - http://t.co/GhYovs3q #climatechange #
11:06 Beats talking with the media I suppose. RT @Imresal: Labor MP Luke Foley is holding a press conference with a koala: http://t.co/qdWkmjoT #
09:32 Emerging conflicts between new Knights signing Willie Mason @mase21's Twitter manner and the club's media policies http://t.co/VY0ym7Fs #NRL #