February 2002

It's all just a commodity

Submitted by Rick Eyre on February 11 2002, 4:00 pm

So South Africa won the Australian one-day triseries for 2001-02. They defeated New Zealand 2-0 in the best-of-three final, and congratulations to them. We should be thankful to them, too, for sparing us from an episode that would have shown us just a little more evidence that cricket is nothing but a commodity for television.

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Batman is greater than the Opening Ceremony

Submitted by Rick Eyre on February 11 2002, 5:49 am

If there was ever any evidence that the Winter Olympics are a television commodity, even more so than their summer counterparts, look no further than channel 7's treatment of the Opening Ceremony. Despite being on during Saturday afternoon in eastern Australia - midday in fact - 7, who have the television rights in Australia to all Olympics until Beijing 2008, are delaying their telecast of the Opening Ceremony until 8.30pm tonight.