My Vote Compass analysis seems to be on the money

Submitted by Rick Eyre on May 10 2016, 9:00 pm

Vote Compass is a brilliant political science tool developed by the good folk at Vox Pop Labs in Canada. By asking a comprehensive range of targeted question about your beliefs on a wide range of policies they can present an analysis of where they believe you sit in relation to the major political parties. At the least, it is a fun way of positioning how left-wing or right-wing you are.

The ABC has commissioned Vote Compass for the 2016 federal election (as they have for a few state elections in the past). I did the questionnaire yesterday and I believe the analysis they have come up with is pretty much on the money, ie, somewhere to the left of the Labor mainstream and to the right of the Greens. It shows that I agree with the Greens on 73% of policies, Labor on 63% and Liberal/Nationals on 41%.

None of that indicates how I will vote, however...

Here's my chart (which as it happens is almost identical to the one generated for me for the 2015 NSW election):