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Submitted by Rick Eyre on August 18 2010, 11:57 am

Although the Murdoch empire is generally perceived as pursuing a pro-Liberal agenda in this election, this clearly evidences itself only in its loss-leading broadsheet "The Australian". As for the "Daily Telegraph", famously endorsed by Kristina Keneally as "the people's paper" a while back, there is only one over-riding agenda - to make money.

If Tony Abbott says something stupid enough, the Tele will lampoon it. And so they did in Monday's edition after he said in a press interview that he, as Prime Minister, would personally decide in each individual case whether to Stop The Boats.

It didn't take long on Sunday night for the Telegraph's Comic Book Editorial Board to decide what the lead headline for the morning's edition would be. Well, not quite the lead - that spot was pre-sold to a gaming promotion for a well-known Hasbro Corporation property. Hence the bulk of the comic strip was left for Page Five:

Anyway, to the boatphone, Mr Rabbit: