What the comic books are saying

Submitted by Rick Eyre on July 29 2010, 8:26 pm

And isn't it marvellous how a leak of a confidential cabinet discussion, however out of context it is taken, can set the Murdoch tabloids to doing what they do best - generating satirical fiction.

Even more risibly, the Telegraph's online poll today asked the question: "Is Julia Gillard right to ignore the plight of pensioners?"

While the selective leak of cabinet discussions is disturbing, and clearly targeted to destabilise Julia Gillard's campaign, there is, to me, a real "So What" about the whole episode, best expressed by David Penberthy (ironically, a former editor of the Telegraph) belting out his tune on another Murdoch organ, its Huffpost-wannabe "The Punch".

Policies are slowly trickling out from both sides of the campaign, but if you want firm and costed specifics you just need to look at the pork barrel being rolled out all over the country.

My highlight of the election campaign so far? It has to be the death-stare contest between Julie Bishop and a garden gnome on first episode of The Chaser's "Yes We Canberra" on Wednesday night. If you're going to trivialise the election, at least be bloody damn funny about it!

Nominations for candidates in the election closed today, and tomorrow the lists should be made public. For me, that's the real start of the election leadup, and I should be able to come up my first draft list of personal voting intentions in Grayndler and for the Senate in New South Wales. And I'm thinking about one very big shock decision...