The fall and fall of the Labor Party

Submitted by Rick Eyre on September 14 2008, 6:13 pm

Today the ALP lost its monopoly on State and Territory governments when the West Australian Nationals ended a week of brinksmanship and renewed their coalition with the Liberals. Colin Barnett is WA Premier. More to the point, Troy Buswell has a government seat to sniff - and it appears he will be State Treasurer.

Back to the Premier State of Dysfunctionality, ie, New South Wales. The ALP has taken a bath in a number of councils in yesterday's local government elections. In Marrickville, the Greens have outpolled "Local Labor" in every ward and look like increasing their positions on the council from five to six. An absolute majority of seven is a slender possibility. All the more excitement if it means that Maroubra Morris Hanna is bundled out.

Figures at stumps on election night:
Central Ward - Greens 33%, Labor 24%, Independent (Macri) 14%, Independent (Capogreco) 10%, Liberal 9%.
North Ward - Greens 49%, Labor 26%, Liberal 13%, Socialist Alliance 4%. With Fiona Byrne's personal vote, the Greens stand at 53%.
South Ward - Greens 37%, Labor 30%, Independent (Hanna) 23%.
West Ward - Greens 29%, Labor 28%, Independent (Thanos) 21%, Independent (Khouri) 13%.

It will probably be Wednesday at the earliest before we know more.

The Greens vote has been even more emphatic in Leichhardt with two wards recording a 49% vote for the Greens group, and Labor finishing third behind the Liberals in one ward.

City of Sydney has been dominated by the Clover Moore Big Band. They have scored 47% of the ward vote, Greens 19%, Labor 15% and Liberal 14%.

Let me say that again: one of the historical ALP heartlands, inner Sydney gave Labor 15% of the vote. Pow.

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