Poor old Channel Nine

Submitted by Rick Eyre on December 29 2006, 1:46 pm

Your heart must be bleeding as much as mine for CVC Asia Pacific, the private equity company that recently bought a 50% stake in PBL, the owners of the Nine Network in Australia. Just think of all that lost advertising revenue because the Fourth Test finished two days early.

This is what Channel Nine Sydney is screening today in place of the cricket (source: Sydney Morning Herald)

10.00am: Wild Adventures with David Ireland;
11.00am: Friends;
11.30am: Listen Up;
12.00pm: Dr Phil: Overprotective Mums;
1.00pm: Movie: Geordie (1955) - I quite like this British comedy about the Melbourne Olympics, but yes it is 51 years old;
3.00pm: ET - that's Entertainment Tonight, not Andrew Ettingshausen's fishing show;
3.30pm: Malcolm In The Middle;
4.00pm: [Hot] Source - the "[Hot]" is part of the title;
4.30pm: Frasier;
5.00pm: Antiques Roadshow - that's the BBC version;
5.30pm: Bert's Family Feud;
6.00pm: The news gets to air on time, starring Bovver Boy Mike Munro.