Perth Day 2: Market Update, Inner Cardus and Honduras

Submitted by Rick Eyre on December 16 2006, 11:08 am

And on the markets this Saturday morning: Dax are up, Dow closes on a record high, and Australia are 100-1 on to win the Ashes (source: Paddypower)

Having missed almost all of the second day's play due to AGMs and children (although I did happen to chance upon seeing the conclusion of the England innings), I'll refer instead to the comments of others.

If you want to read unintentionally unintelligible match reportage, you need look no further than Peter Roebuck. Thankfully, his Inner Cardus wasn't channelling much yesterday.

If you want to read intentionally unintelligible match reportage, there is no one better than Nick Whittock. (and don't miss his incisive player profile of Glenn McGrath).

Mustn't forget David Fine's UK Arts Council-funded look at the day's play.

It would be remiss of me to ignore Andrew Miller's contribution from the House of Wisden, which begins thus:

Buried deep in the jungle on the island of Utila, near Honduras, there exists a hulking great structure known as Duncan's Folly. Built in the 1970s and 1980s, it consists of seven self-contained buildings including a power generator with a 60-foot concrete shaft well. The ensemble was the brainchild of a visionary architect named Bradford Duncan, who wished to construct the finest and most exclusive hotel complex in the whole of the Caribbean Sea.

Thank goodness for Gideon.

A difficult day for handing out Midwinter-Midwinter points. I can't honestly find any good reason for acknowledging Kevin Pietersen's 122-ball 70 (8 fours, 1 six) as a responsible Test knock. (I did hear the word "moronic" used in context of this innings on the Guardian podcast this morning.) I've given Matthew Hayden's 57 not out more points than Ricky Ponting's 57 not out on the basis of superior long-term potential as a lifestyle TV host. Stuart Clark, 3 pts; Matthew Hayden, 2 pts; Ricky Ponting, 1 pt.

I'm predicting the Test to stretch into Sunday morning, mainly so that Australia's recapture of the Ashes doesn't happens while I am at Carols in the Park.