Daily Twitter Posts - 19/09/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on September 20 2012, 1:58 pm

20:07 Uh oh. RT @France24_en: [BREAKING] France to close 20 embassies Friday, fearing cartoon backlash http://t.co/PX0aXY7R #
16:46 Busker reading his music from an ipad. I didn't leave him a tip. #
16:13 I'm impressed with this. NSW @TeachersFed to hold a community "day of action" on a Term 4 weekend instead of striking https://t.co/AMR4cpBT #
15:55 Chinese badminton players withdrawn from Japan Open because uninhabited islands - http://t.co/aFCBmtZr #
14:52 Not comfortable with some of the people on Twitter who think a conscience is ok so long as it doesn't disagree with their conscience #
14:01 Pat Buchanan and Cory Bernardi are next to each other on my Twitter trending topics list. Seems to be that kind of day. #
12:59 Remember folks: this is an Australia where more people support offshore processing than support same-sex maariage. More work needed on both. #
12:58 I'm guessing from those numbers that even with a conscience vote from the LNP, the same-sex marriage bill would still have been defeated. #
12:45 This would be cooler if it wasn't an ad for a Foxtel TV show. http://t.co/KaUyNnnb #
12:08 So another Liberal Party leader loses a Parliamentary Secretary over a homophobia scandal. #
12:00 In actual fact @Amijubi2014, @FulecoArmadillo and @ZuzecoArmadillo are running for the position of Official Armadillo of 2014 FIFA World Cup #
11:49 In the course of this morning I have been followed on Twitter by three armadillos. If I happen to marry them all don't tell Senator Bernardi #
10:33 Anyone who says "we've got 332 retweets but we want 10,000" shouldn't be in social media marketing. #
10:05 @vanOnselenP but isn't BOF's anonymity with the NSW public a performance indicator in itself? #
10:04 A week is a long time in US politics. Just remember that there are seven (7) of those left before the election. #mittens #
08:59 The #NFL is using non-union referees during an industrial dispute with its officials. How's it going? - http://t.co/XMzoUcIE #
08:54 Yep. There's big money to be made in jumping the shark. RT @ben_hr: @rickeyre @clutterbells visuals = ads #
08:44 Infographic Of The Day: There are 479 magicians registered on LinkedIn in the UK. http://t.co/LlyEsmjY #
08:40 Top Gun Tony! #
08:39 btw, I have decided to stop including the auspol hashtag in my tweets #
08:39 another Tony Abbott Says, another masterclass in repetitive spin-driven talking-point-oriented clichespeak. #
08:14 At least Joe Hockey disagrees with Cory Bernardi. #
08:00 Twitter, whose great strength was its emphasis on text, continues its obsession with visuals - http://t.co/s2XbQwqB #
07:54 Most sports are so paranoid about ambush marketing. How did Yunel Escobar get on the field with messages like that written on his face? #mlb #

Daily Twitter Posts - 18/09/2012

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23:38 Who is the Premier? (a) Barry O'Farrell (b) Kristina Keneally (c) Campbell Newman (d) Alan Jones (e) a jar of vegemite? #galaxy #nswpol #
23:19 My latest blog post, where I fail to pick a winner for the ICC World Twenty20 - http://t.co/d1siPpbt #cricket #
20:59 Why didn't the Court demand the handing in of the negatives and the burning of the polaroids? #waterkate #
20:58 Return them? Really? RT @BreakingF24: [BREAKING] French court orders magazine to return Middleton topless photos http://t.co/CmYEVRm4 #
19:05 Australia is 11th for men. RT @IBAF_Baseball: (18 Sep 2012, 10:45) IBAF updates World Rankings for Men’s and Women’s http://t.co/MjewDaOX #
18:21 The telecast of the opening ceremony of the 2011 Pan American Games has won an Emmy for... costume design! http://t.co/jWnfAVym #
18:12 Someone needs to write a listicle of their feelpinions. #
14:27 Alessandro del Piero will not make his Sydney FC debut at Budgewoi after all. The game has been cancelled. http://t.co/JDzvZG4y #
12:35 for those who want to re-live the experience of Greg Sheridan on #qanda, it's on #ABC1 now #

Daily Twitter Posts - 17/09/2012

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20:50 #waterkate (oh I love that hashtag) RT @mediaguardian: Desmond faces battle if he tries to close the Irish Daily Star http://t.co/InH8wDZc #
18:41 On the subject of advocating violence, whatever happened to that radio broadcaster who wanted the Prime Minister put in a chaff bag? #
18:09 More on the endangered Brazilian three-banded armadillo, now the face of the 2014 FIFA World Cup - http://t.co/5VTC36gL #
17:44 Another corner shop has bitten the dust. Stanmore Rd and Wemyss St #Enmore. #
16:29 Maybd next week's #qanda could have a panel comprising the five captains of the South Sydney Rabbitohs. #
16:28 Last week the Archbishop of Sydney on #qanda. This week the Lord Mayor. What Sydneycentric guests could go on the panel next week? #
16:24 The as-yet-nameless armadillo mascot of the 2014 FIFA World Cup has a Twitter account already. Follow @Mascot2014. #
16:14 How cool is this? The official mascot of the 2014 FIFA World Cup is an armadillo! - http://t.co/kDl7e4Sf #
15:50 Breaking Rural News: RT @ABCRural: This is a test: And this is text to put into the test. http://t.co/gIAq4HLs #
14:47 Its spot in the 2016 Olympics may be in jeopardy, but badminton is making a bid for the 2020 Paralympics - http://t.co/TUJLuzv3 #
13:30 Looks like my efforts to avoid running out of bandwidth before midnight are about to come to a screeching h #
09:45 Goodness me. I now have in my possession a large parcel of Christopher Hitchens books. Thank you @crikeyweekender and @AllenAndUnwin #
08:28 and in a Twitter Breakfast Exception Reporting Update, I've been up since before 6 and am having my first coffee at 8.30 #
07:57 Google Maps' auto-reply thanks me for "Your report near Botany Track in Wangi Wangi". This is not going well. #
07:45 Reported a problem to Google Maps. Wonder if they'll act. #
07:40 I love comedy routines from Christopher Pyne over breakfast on a Monday morning. #
07:34 I grew up at Marks Point, NSW, and I'm damn certain it's not where Google Maps tells me it is! http://t.co/oyZLHifp #

Daily Twitter Posts - 16/09/2012

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20:08 The @Skateistan kids. RT @sallysaraABC: The children killed in Afghanistan's 55th suicide bombing of the year. http://t.co/zx6D3o5f #
20:00 One *hundred*? RT @Seasaver: Overfishing has left fewer than 100 adult cod in the North Sea http://t.co/eoKfCIpt #
19:33 @GI_Gillard I know who's more likely to be in the position to break his word some time after 2013. JG won't get the chance #
19:23 @GI_Gillard if she did then I didnt quote it #
19:22 Umm not what I tweeted RT @GI_Gillard: MT @rickeyre: "We have no plans to raise the GST." - Julia Gillard, 16.9.12. File that for future ... #
19:21 No @GI_Gillard very poor form modifying a tweet in that fashion #
19:07 "We have no plans to change the GST ever." - Tony Abbott, 16.9.12. File that for future reference. #auspol #
19:05 "this is not Libya" "this is not Yemen" "it's not the Australian way" "we don't do that here" FFS enough with the xenophobia thank you! #
15:35 @Bill2063 but I don't like Fitzy, who I usually admire, using rhetoric like "we don't do things that way in this country" #
15:33 @Bill2063 their actions yesterday are indefensible and yes, the reactionaries are going to have a field day. #
15:30 Could this be the worst column ever by Peter FitzSimons? http://t.co/Oizc0GNn (repeating a tweet I accidentally deleted) #
15:21 @Bill2063 Both. The undertones of xenophobia in his rant trouble me. #
15:09 any @NewtownRLFC v @NthSydneyBears game is an occasion of divided loyalty for me. My Dr Jekyll and Frank Hyde moment. Pity I can't be there #
14:43 Balmain defers extinction by one more week. Congratulations @tigers1908. #vbnswcup #
11:52 "We hope they enjoyed the burgers as much as the boobs." Stay classy, Carrington. RT @newcastleherald: http://t.co/2jLDC1m8 #
08:14 The @Wests_Tigers decision to run their #VBNSWCup team in-house next year means the end for two foundation @NSWRL clubs http://t.co/8xJCnJgv #
08:11 Several adult children of Liberal MPs have been elected to local councils across Sydney - http://t.co/dfmLqYgW #nswpol #

Daily Twitter Posts - 15/09/2012

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22:33 Organisation tweets that it is recognised as a world leader in social media - tweet ends abruptly with link to facebook page #
21:49 so it's ok to watch the delay of the rugby test then #
21:41 Rabbitohs v Doggies next Saturday night... wow #
21:27 you know what to do on Monday, Canberra. #nrlsoucan #
21:01 Adam Reynolds @rendiggiti 200 points in his debut #NRL season. Great effort! #nrlsoucan #gorabbitohs #
20:32 I'm not liking the Bunnies work so much now. #nrlsoucan #cmonfeelthenoize #
20:24 Liking the Bunnies work so far tonight. 14-0 and counting. #nrlsoucan #cmonfeelthenoize #
19:45 The "impact player brought to you by the new movie The Watch" #nrlsoucan #
18:52 Duelling #hockey leagues in India: the new Hockey India League will clash with World Series Hockey next January - http://t.co/UxYCtRu1 #
18:29 So, if two video refs can't do the job properly, maybe we need four. Or eight... #nrl #
18:24 meanwhile, I'm slipping into sports mode for a few hours. Rabbitohs by 12 #
18:20 @Antipaganda @JaneCaro Saw it. Disappointed. This is not the time for generalisations about religious faith (or lack of it). #
18:15 follow @Micah_Challenge and hashtag #V4J for updates on Voices for Justice 2012 which has begun in Canberra today. http://t.co/hgINZKo1 #
18:05 Now if that had been staged by an advertising agency it would probably be hailed as the best flashmob ever. #
16:57 @JaneCaro they have been some pretty reckless atheists in history too. #
16:55 Sydney Uni wins the #shuteshield grand final. I wonder what the competition's future will be if the @BalmainRugby plans get afloat. #
16:46 wondering how many media outlets will flout child protection laws and show that pic of the kid carrying the beheading sign #
16:41 Well it must be all over then. RT @131500buses: Ticket recognition now finished for buses in the CBD after earlier protest #
15:57 Not sure why the ABC is showing Wheelchair Rugby highlights during half-time of the Shute Shield grand final. It's "rugby" in name only. #
15:34 I hate to imagine 2GB on Monday morning :( #
14:59 Amazing scenes in Market St. RT @yoni_bashan: Chaos in the CBD - police injured. Protesters sprayed. http://t.co/UI0fqUCH #
11:02 Must say I think this list is incomplete - "How to Spot a Social Media 'Expert' Who's Full of It" http://t.co/TdIBjRCT #
10:56 Bulldogs 1, Footy Show 0. #nrl RT @mtsialis: Thank goodness for Hazem. http://t.co/M3o3ILH1 #
10:29 What's on at 11.01? RT @tenbreakfast: The Breakfast Week is on today from 11am on @channelten see the best parts of #tenbreakfast! #
09:55 Shock as http://t.co/bvOqT9oH exposes the IPA's role in #trolling - http://t.co/hsTzYSys http://t.co/TEg33opk #

Daily Twitter Posts - 14/09/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on September 15 2012, 12:24 pm

23:52 Not a good advert for #NRL that game. Wrong venue, paltry crowd, video ref system a horror, neither team premiership material. #nrlmannql #
21:47 @sspencer_63 agree on all those points. #
21:43 Manly will get smashed by the Storm next week. #nrlmannql #
21:22 Another BOD to Manly. #nrlmannql #
21:12 Attendance 16678 at the SFS. Would have got more at Brookvale Oval. #arlcfail #nrlmannql #
21:10 Big call that try to Taufua. How many video refs do they need to come up with "benefit of the doubt"? #nrlmannql #
20:28 Try to Palmerston North, NSW. 4-12 ktc. #nrlmannql #
20:03 mannql - Say it out loud, sounds like something to do with Tony Abbott's university days. #
19:59 It's going to be a bit silly if the attendance at the SFS tonight is less than the capacity at Brooky. #nrlmannql #
19:58 Sometimes I wonder how many league fans turn up at the ANZ Stadium instead of the AlliANZ Stadium by mistake. #nrlmannql #
19:28 Three words to the Queensland LNP: Palmer. Tent. Urination. #
12:56 Report from @episcopal_news about yesterday's Washington National Cathedral memorial service for Neil Armstrong - http://t.co/9SRUou6k #
12:41 it will be Wordpress. Or, more to the point of my internal dilemma, it won't be Tumblr. #
12:05 @savingourtrees thanks. I've used Wordpress on and off over the years. I like it. Just wondering whether Tumblr is better these days. #
11:59 @bernietb no geese of any age group involved #
11:33 I've arrived at one of life's great dilemmas: Wordpress or Tumblr? #
09:42 That link to Greg Sheridan's comedy piece with Marius Benson this morning - http://t.co/aiATwTII #
09:41 The ABC is a hotbed of anti-Catholic sectarianism and gives a worshipful interview to David Marr. Does that make David Marr the antipope? #
09:39 Ooh! RT @latikambourke: Whoa. Greg Sheridan goes nuts about the Abbott punch on NewsRadio this morning: http://t.co/hd3RqmGF #
09:32 how do I check the progress count in the Telegraph's yes/yes poll? #
09:21 I'm sure there have been worse typos than this, but it's still unfortunate - http://t.co/E5cCD9ij #
09:08 IRIN Global | HEALTH: The "unfinished business" of lowering child mortality | http://t.co/tSdPF1nY #
08:48 Richard Alston on #ABC24. Just imagine if he was still Minister for Communications today.... #auspol #
08:18 This, by @jeffjarvis on #trolling, makes far more sense than anything you'll ever read in the Telegraph - http://t.co/nHd5PQ6i #
08:13 Tony Abbott Says he didn't do it. Good. Let's focus on his present-day inadequacies instead. #

Daily Twitter Posts - 13/09/2012

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22:54 Actually, @mattdoran22, he's Dr Brown, not Mr. #tenlate #
21:38 @AlboMP highlighting yes, but not being addressed by the Tele in a smart manner #
21:27 No. Their "campaign" was a joke and an embarrassment. RT @AlboMP: Congrats to @dailytelegraph for the #stopthetrolls campaign #
20:28 Great news from @UNICEF on the decline in child mortality rates. Though there's a lot more still to do. http://t.co/V6KoaTUC #
20:21 I suspect everyone else has read this before me, but here is @HenryWinter on #Hillsborough - http://t.co/wLeqPoat #
17:36 The ward changes in #Marrickville in 2004 were expected to deliver Labor 8 councillors out of 12. They've never controlled council since. #
17:31 The Greens lost one seat in #Marrickville but Labor have flatlined on 4/12 for the third term running. Time for the two to work together. #
17:22 So have we heard anything about tainted votes and tainted amendments to legislation today? #auspol #supertrawler #thommo #
16:02 The weather has, um, changed since this morning. #
13:10 Sydney Running Festival this Sunday. The Sydney Jumping Festival can't be far away. I'll save myself for the Sydney Standing Still Festival. #
12:52 When it comes to trolling, no one beats the professionals. The Daily Telegraph at its finest - http://t.co/pYyxW5Xq #
08:02 dear Julian: Just. Shut. Up. #
07:24 On the subject of free advertising, here's a story on The New Charger Cable - http://t.co/fzc5ABce #
07:19 More free advertising for an upcoming commercial product on the national broadcaster this morning. #
07:05 "kneejerk reaction to a social media campaign" It seems to be the week for that. #supertrawlers #supertrollers #
06:52 Dear Mr Rudd: the term you were trying to say on #abc730 last night was "drover's dog". #auspol #

Daily Twitter Posts - 12/09/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on September 13 2012, 11:27 am

22:58 Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig gets "the highest environmental award in the sports industry" - http://t.co/7t70AweU #
22:44 oh it's Wednesday night comedy #lateline with Professor Palmer #
22:19 What a day what a week for @robbiefarah. He's just been named winner of the Brad Fittler Medal for NSW State of Origin player of the year. #
21:19 "The voodoo cult of positive thinking" - @edsmithwriter on Lance Armstrong - http://t.co/bWzc4bq4 #
19:06 This has to be one of the most surreal days in contemporary Australian politics NOT starring Tony Abbott. #auspol #
19:03 A quite brilliant press release from @SenatorLudlam on "trolling" - http://t.co/pod9eEJ5 #auspol #
18:04 err, event or product #
18:01 I congratulate the Daily Telegraph for this worthwhile product or event. #
15:28 Thank you, Robbie. RT @Wests_Tigers: Please find a statement issued today by our captain Robbie Farah: http://t.co/WgTPvSf4 #
15:11 “I congratulate the Daily Telegraph for this worthwhile initiative.” Words that will be repeated out of context forever http://t.co/3qUQbMiP #
14:52 Judging by the dictionary, one of the few people who can talk about #trolling with any authority is @Rex_Hunt #
13:02 3/3 By "we" I mean the public, community and (via education) government. Censorship is not the answer. #
13:00 2/3 Farah's original grievance was genuine. The response was disproportionate and misguided. We can do more to prevent it happening. (cont) #
12:57 Although he mightn't score well in the glass house residency test, I think we must not demonise Robbie Farah. 1/2 #
12:27 Yeesss. RT @ssharwood: Pretty sure the daily telegraph has violated Twitter's design guidance with #stopthetrolls https://t.co/wK9erM9Y #
12:16 I should prepare a listicle on the best webinars about dramality webisodes. Meanwhile, twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble #
12:14 And a dreadful made-up word. RT @TheGlobalMail: @rickeyre @AustralianLabor @sharonacoutts A combination between a list and an article! #
12:11 Listicle ?!? MT @TheGlobalMail: @AustralianLabor here's @sharonacoutts' "listicle" detailing 10 of Campbell Newman's harshest #coalitioncuts #
11:42 On the eve of @ruokday, @acmadotgov reminds us of the best course of action to take in dealing with online "trolls" - http://t.co/EpPs1di4 #
10:55 Robbie, you're one of my favourite rugby league players, but gee... #
10:14 apologies for the bad pun about Twitter handles #