Capital punishment: Just don't do it.

Submitted by Rick Eyre on November 6 2006, 12:03 am

I certainly have no sympathy for Saddam Hussein. But he should not be executed for his crimes. No more and no less than any other human being.

Why, in any case, should anyone's monumental lack of respect for human life be even partly condoned through the state-organised termination of his?

One can only hope that further charges of crimes against humanity continue to be heard against Hussein, especially with regard to the chemical weapon attack on Kurds in 1988.

Liberals pass motion for Qld crocodile cull

Submitted by Rick Eyre on November 4 2006, 8:41 pm

Liberals pass motion for Qld crocodile cull - The Queensland Liberals have called for crocodiles to be culled because people are being eaten. [ABC Environment]

The choice quote comes from convention delegate Brett Blade, who is reported as saying:

"You can't allow crocodiles to come into the main street of Cairns and eat people - and that is exactly what's happening"

Au contraire Brett, I think they should close one lane of the Cairns main street to traffic for the exclusive use of crocodiles.

Stern indeed

Submitted by Rick Eyre on November 4 2006, 7:47 pm

Firstly, a declaration of slight personal regret today. I was unable to attend the Walk Against Warming in Sydney this morning because it was... er, too cold.

The fact is that I am still recovering from the effects of a rather aggressive little URTI earlier this week. Despite the weather there were still 10,000 people who did the march from Martin Place to the Botanic Gardens, which is great news. More demonstrations around the world on November 4 coming up.

Sir Nicholas Stern's costings of the impact of climate change are massive, yet I feel that they could still be an underestimate.

Video flashback: Stop the Bombing Rally, 12.8.06

Submitted by Rick Eyre on November 4 2006, 4:43 pm

I'm putting some of my video archives from the last couple of years onto Youtube. (Note, however, that I have decided not to place any videos of Adara on unrestricted access.)

First up, the one video that I have previously placed onto Youtube - that of the "Stop The Bombing" rally in Sydney on August 12 during the Israeli attack on southern Lebanon.

Cricket blog update

Submitted by Rick Eyre on November 4 2006, 11:14 am

I'm continuing to migrate my cricket site into my new Drupal-powered content management system. This will take a while as I do this in my spare time (eg, rainy Saturday mornings).

For cricket afficionados, will continue to be your starting point for all things cricket. I've added a Technorati-driven list of recent posts on the blogosphere with the tags "ashes" and "cricket" as a means of following discussion of the Ashes over the coming months.

GPS-Equipped Pigeons Enlisted as Pollution Bloggers

Submitted by Rick Eyre on November 3 2006, 12:30 am

GPS-Equipped Pigeons Enlisted as Pollution Bloggers - A project known as PigeonBlog is using birds carrying high-tech backpacks to create accurate, detailed urban pollution maps. Related projects are also taking flight. [National Geographic]

Now let me get this straight... National Geographic don't have a reputation for doing April Fools Day jokes in November, do they?

Which means that Pigeonblog is for real, too.