An historically great speech from Prime Minister Gillard

Submitted by Rick Eyre on October 13 2012, 9:18 am

History loves great speeches, and much of the time ignores their backstories. Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave a brilliant address to the House of Representatives on October 9, 2012 excoriating the current opposition leader Tony Abbott.

Daily Twitter Posts - 08/10/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on October 9 2012, 7:20 pm

22:49 wondering why none of the tweets about #lateline matched what I was seeing on TV. Just realised I'm watching SBS News. #doh #
22:40 Kevin Rudd sound bite on Alan Jones with cardboard cutouts of Fitzy and Wippa falling over in the background. Totally priceless. #lateline #
21:44 You mean to say you're watching #qanda instead of #BlackMirror?!? #
21:02 analysis of Archbishop Jensen's address to the #sydsynod today, via @EternityNews - #
20:59 Peter Jensen's final presidential address as Archbishop to the Sydney Anglican Synod, given this afternoon: #sydsynod #
20:45 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012 awarded jointly to John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka - #
20:30 not even the slightest possibility that I will watch #qanda tonight #
20:02 Australian Story. Rod Laver. Now. #abc1 #
20:00 ouch. Pinched nerve in the right buttock. What a pain in the arse that is #

Daily Twitter Posts - 07/10/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on October 8 2012, 7:09 pm

22:59 Australia wooooooooooooooooo #
22:36 what was that URL for the credits again? #underground #ch10fail #
22:29 at last #underground is starting to look like a Crawford Production #
22:24 this would have made a great episode of Division 4. #underground #
21:37 LOAD "$", 8 #c64basic #underground #sigh #
21:14 #sigh RT @channelten: From Commodore 64 to Amiga 500, go behind the scenes of #Underground’s tech here: #
20:59 I could whistle to Philip Glass music all day. #koyaanisqatsi #underground #

Daily Twitter Posts - 06/10/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on October 7 2012, 6:56 pm

21:48 Bob Carr in with a nomination for Tweet of the Year #
21:23 all we need now, of course, is for lightning to strike the replacement transformer #
21:21 Ha. No sooner does the #blackout end than the #thunder begins! #innerwest #
21:12 My #storify is done. Thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys, thank you @ausgrid. #innerwest #blackout #
21:06 now what was I doing 2 and a quarter hours ago when I was so rudely interrupted? #innerwest #blackout #
21:00 Power on at 8.59pm in Stanmore! All ye who doubted @Ausgrid's 9pm promise. #innerwest #blackout #
20:56 Oh no! My daughter's Nintendo DS has gone flat! #innerwest #blackout #
20:48 I must say that @ausgrid is doing a really good job in keeping everyone informed on the progress. #innerwest #blackout #
20:34 thinking of changing tonight's hashtag to #wipeout #
20:29 My #storify page of the #innerwest #blackout May have to stop soon when wifi battery dies. Follow @Ausgrid for updates #
20:10 is Lewisham blacked out? Haven't seen any reports from there (That's Lewisham, Australia, not Lewisham, Greater London) #innerwest #blackout #
19:48 My #Storify page of the #innerwest #blackout, updating till the batteries in my wifi modem runs out #
19:42 The Sydney Mashable Herald is on the case #

Daily Twitter Posts - 05/10/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on October 6 2012, 5:47 pm

22:55 honestly, what is the point of fake Tony Abbotts on Twitter when the real one is so much better than satire? #
22:31 Repeaters. RT @everyword: repeaters #
22:26 Download the spreadsheet for yourself! RT @GuardianData: James Bond bodycount: how many people died in each film? #
22:19 "Dear Industry Professional, I hope you are well." Uh huh. #
22:07 Barcelona v Real Madrid on Sunday? Is it that time of the month already? #
21:22 if you only read one #cricket article this year, make it this on Sri Lankan capt Mahela Jayawardene by @wrightthompson #
20:56 That's gross. RT @unsungsongs: Starting a campaign to have the maximum length of a tweet extended to 144 characters. Who's with me? #
14:47 about time to mute #sensitivetony I think *yawn* #
14:06 This explains all the sirens I heard at 5 this morning - #
13:53 Another great sports writer leaves the House of Fairfax, this time it's Greg Growden - #
08:54 Margie Abbott says, rightly, that politicians families should be off limits. So why is Joe Hockey now using her for political point-scoring? #
08:48 Alan Jones' Today show spot "brought farmers in from their field" and was a "pivot around transport to schools and workplaces" acc to Flint #

Daily Twitter Posts - 04/10/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on October 5 2012, 5:33 pm

21:24 12 match suspension for James Graham for biting Billy Slater. With Tests and pre-season that should put him out till #NRL Round 9 2013? #
20:30 Wayne Wigham. Very good player for Balmain in his day. Has just been on @ABCCatalyst talking about depression. #
19:43 hmm. Peter Slipper. Potential bankruptcy? #abc730 #
15:58 From @AtlanticCities, why the #sochi2014 Olympic slogan is the worst ever. Just because it is "Hot. Cold. Now." - #
15:42 Some sound points made by @profsarahj about the campaigns to get Alan Jones taken off the air - #
15:36 tonight is one of those nights when I really wish they had Court TV for the #NRL Judiciary. I just want to hear James Graham's defence case #
13:24 Nanny State Alert: Florida wildlife officials rule that kids' gator pool parties are unsafe - #
12:17 It appears that @SilentJimLehrer has entered the building. #variousdebatehashtags #
11:09 so we have #debate #debates #debate2012 #denverdebate #debatedenver #usdebate #presidentialdebate and of course #massdebate #
11:03 my daughter has commandeered the television. I can confirm that ABC3 is not showing the debate. #
08:36 The same $1.5b you're giving BOF? MT @TonyAbbottMHR I've committed $1.5bn to help @TedBaillieu build the East West Link. Labor must match it #
08:32 I've always liked "Heaven's Gate". RT @abcmarkscott: The resurrection of Heaven's Gate. #
08:28 Um, you're not in government. MT @TonyAbbottMHR: I'm committed to helping @barryofarrell build Westconnex duplication. I've pledged $1.5bn #
08:15 Is "a union boss walks into a police station" the journalistic equivalent of "a man walks into a bar"? #
07:20 It's a sign of how memorable Presidential debates are not when @breakfastnews replays the 1988 Bentsen smackdown of Quayle every half hour #

Daily Twitter Posts - 03/10/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on October 4 2012, 5:21 pm

16:15 @SDBrook wait till you see the Alan Jones edition of QI #
15:52 I just had to. New on my blog, a tribute to the thespian career of Mr John Laws - #
15:18 When are you getting Jonesy on #qanda? MT @QandA: Political commentator Piers Akerman joins Monday's #QandA panel #
15:16 My daughter's school's vege garden was vandalised before the school hols. They need help getting restarted (via @SAKGF) #
12:13 Sack Greiner. #sackgreiner #flicknick #
11:35 Nick Greiner? John Laws? What is it with these over-the-hill Sydney dinosaurs coming out of the woodwork? (and Alan Jones, for that matter) #
11:21 Team selection crisis at Sydney FC. RT @InnerWestNews: Sydney FC orders extra 15,000 jerseys... #
10:22 An unconvincing explanation of the difference in men's and women's living allowances at the World T20 #Cricket event - #
09:10 Is it any coincidence that the word Mashable has the letters S M and H in it? #
08:44 Storfication via @shoba_rao of reaction to last night's John Laws interview. (I score a spot in this) #
07:45 Today's @breakfastnews is brought to you by Coca-Cola, Valvoline and 2SM #
07:37 John Laws: "I'm a performer". Nails the occupation of Jones, Sandilands, Hadley etc right there. Not broadcaster, not presenter #

Daily Twitter Posts - 02/10/2012

Submitted by dailytwitter on October 3 2012, 4:50 pm

21:15 mind you, I've always found a way around that in the past - #
21:13 I'd write a blog post about Alan Jones except that I resolved ages ago never to let his name sully my website #
16:59 sounds like @abc730 will be a wasteful use of taxpayer's oxygen tonight #
12:51 I would never have anticipated that "Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3" would be playing to sold-out sessions. #
09:59 "I made no qualification then to my apology" - Alan Jones, discussing his 45-minute unqualified apology #
09:26 I'm confused. Do we really need home shopping television in High Definition? #
08:44 The Canterbury Bulldogs provide more reasons why #MadMonday should be scrapped - #nrl #
07:21 there are 41 people named Alan Jones listed on IMdB You're looking for number XVIII. #
07:15 Hey @SwannyDPM it's possible to listen to Alan Jones *and* eat cardboard for breakfast at the same time. Ever heard of corn flakes? #
07:10 Melbourne newspaper demands cancellation of Sydney radio show - (pic via @latikambourke) #
06:38 why are people live-tweeting that nasty man's radio show? #