The cricket blog is back

Submitted by Rick Eyre on May 26 2015, 2:11 pm

What goes around comes around, sort of. After nine years of running a centralised blog for everything, I have returned to a separate blog on cricket running under Wordpress.

You can find it at rickeyrecricket,com/blog. At the very least it will be a daily archive of my Twitter updates from @rickeyrecricket, and from time to time there will be other items from me, especially at Ashes time. I will be reposting some old cricket items there, but for the most part anything on cricket that I have written before May 2015 will be found in the archives of this blog.

I will also be working more on my Sports CSR blog The Scoreline Diminishes which is hosted on Select items will be archived here.

This blog is not dead completely, but I will use it occasionally for takes on politics and other stuff, but for day for day comment from me, follow me on Twitter: @rickeyre.

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