My Top 1 listicle of the Things I hate about Twitter

Submitted by Rick Eyre on August 13 2014, 6:30 am

I love Twitter. I use it constantly. It is my first line of on-line communication these days and my primary source of news. It has made longer form blogging redundant for me (which is possibly not a good thing).

All of which lends, I think, towards understanding the Things I hate about Twitter (as compiled while lying awake at 5am this morning and blurted out on Twitter around 6 - this post includes some extras):

  1. the two-dimensionalisation of opinion and thought (see point 9)
  2. the compulsion to illustrate every tweet with a picture, or worse still, an infographic
  3. people who cram a sentence into a hashtag at the end of a tweet when they should really just write a second sentence
  4. people who get around the 140 character limit by posting text in a graphic image. What ever happened to accessibility for the sight impaired?
  5. the PR people who tweet as if they are typing with one hand and holding a social media textbook with the other
  6. the fawning over "trending topics worldwide"
  7. meaningless hashtags. #breaking
  8. Vine.
  9. hashtag-a-u-s-p-o-l. I go out of my way to avoid using it. a-u-s-p-o-l is a cesspool of derp.