New adventures in Google Plus

Submitted by Rick Eyre on February 16 2013, 10:38 pm

I have decided to boost my presence in Google+. This follows the introduction of Communities, along with figures showing that actual usage of Google+ is starting to grow at the expense of Facebook.

The main development here is that I have established a "rickeyrecricket" Google+ page as a companion to my @rickeyrecricket Twitter account.

If you follow me through @rickeyrecricket on Twitter or through my cricket website, and you have a Google+ account, then please add me to your circles and that I can add you back. The third party shortcut for this page is

I am planning to add a Community linked to the rickeyrecricket page. Called Cricketista, it is intended mainly for serious discussion on the future of the sport, and especially for chat that is too long and involved for Twitter. Please join Cricketista as well. Its third party shortcut address is

And not forgetting for all the general stuff I like to share, there's my main Rick Eyre page (aka

That's for cricket on Google plus.