Newtown Jets premiers of NSW Cup - a storification of Grand Final day

Submitted by Rick Eyre on October 1 2012, 11:34 am

The Newtown Jets won the 2012 NSW Cup grand final on 29 September at ANZ Stadium with a heart-stopping 22-18 victory over the Balmain Ryde Eastwood Tigers. In my opinion it was easily the best of the three games on Grand Final day, and gave the Jets their first victory in the NSW Cup since it was reconstituted as the de facto reserve grade for non-Queensland NRL clubs.

Here's a storification of selected tweets and images of the Jets victory, including progress reports of the game and the celebrations afterwards:

Newtown wins premiership. #caaaarnBlueBags #VBNSWCup

The Newtown Jets defeated the Balmain Ryde Eastwood Tigers 22-18 at ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park on 30 September 2012 to win the NSW Cup premiership and their first major title since 1943.

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To top off dogs losing ... What a good finale of 2012, next year but let's make it @newtownrlfc and @sydneyroosters Marco - LANGUAGE WARNING: a very happy dressing room #vbnswcupgf #caaarnbluebagsNewtown Jets RLFC
Congratulations to the Newtown Jet on winning the #VBNSWCUP Grand Final yesterday Photos #NSWCUPGF @newtownrlfc @NSWRLMike Biboudis
And here's how the Daily Telegraph saw the game: Jets RLFC
How the Sydney Morning Herald saw yesterday's NSW Cup Grand Final: Jets RLFC
Sun TV Metro #NRLCBYMEL GF Day: Presentations 2.42m Game 2.40m Entertainment 1.29m 1st division 498k U21 GF 339k NineMediaweek
Now on the @NSWRL website: Jets RLFC
#newtownrlfc #sydneyroosters Mose Masoe told us post-match "that one was for Artie"NMGSports
I have to say that Grand Final Day has been all downhill after that great Jets-Tigers game. #nrlgf #vbnswcupgfRick Eyre
Thanks so much to the @newtownrlfc fans, players, staff and anyone else I haven't mentioned. What a great way to finish the year!!!Daniel Mortimer
RT @NMGSports: RT @NMGSports: #newtownrlfc Daniel Mortimer & Mose Masoe return to Petersham RSL with the spoils of victory Cirillo
RT @NMGSports: RT @NMGSports: #newtownrlfc the 2012 VB NSW Cup Premiers pose for a photo back at the Petersham RSL
RT @NMGSports: RT @NMGSports: #newtownrlfc Winners are grinners Peni T & co! Hogan
#newtownjetsrlfc Ahmad Ellaz gets into the Jets premiership celebrations in the sheds after the grand final game
#VBNSWCup #newtownrlfc Scenes of utter joy in the Newtown rooms after they clinched the premiership
"@rustycj: Try scoring hero for @newtownrlfc @NSeluini" cc @jeffrey_gabrielJimmy the Jet
Yes! Yes!! YES!!! @NewtownRLFC wins 22-18. #caaarnbluebagsRick Eyre
Premiers!!!! Jets win 22-18 #CaaarnBlueBags #VBNSWCupGFNewtown Jets RLFC
#notry to Tigers. Video ref calls it a knock-on. Less than 3 mins remain. 22-18 to Newtown. #VBNSWCupGF #toclosetocall.Northern Dist Times
@NSWRL cmon the try to Seluini was a deadset penalty. Morts played it sideways on the tryline. What a joke. But congrats to newtownThe Squirrel Grip
TRY JETS - Seluini feigns to go back to Mortimer before dropping quickly to power over from dummy half. Markers caught napping. 20-18. #NRLMatt Back
Great dummy half dive from Seluini Mortimer converts The Mighty Jets lead Balmain 22-18 with 7 mins to go #NRLGF #caaarnbluebagsBondi Roosters
Unfortunately we can't hold them out as Nate Seluini dives over from dummy half. Jets back in front. 20-18 ktcWests Tigers
A great backline movement involving Meaney and Waters sees Josh Davis go over in the corner for a great Tigers try #VBNSWCupGFNSWRL
NO TRY - Heart-stopping as Steve Clark ( of the 'Hand of Foran notoriety) takes 60 seconds to judge that Seumanufagai's knocked.16-14. #NRLMatt Back
So far the NSW Cup video refs are approximately fourteen million times more accurate than the NRL muppets #nswcup #NRLGFDr Bruce Yobbo, PhD*
Not sure about the Jets players having "Botany View" on their backsides. #vbnswcupRick Eyre
Good to see a Newtown try barely interrupted the Underbelly plug. #ch9fail #caaarnbluebags #vbnswcupRick Eyre
#NRLGF #VBNSWCup Newtown bounce back, as Francis Vaiotu slices through some poor defence, and makes a good run to score. 16-14 Jets, KTC.NRL News
Sad end to the season for Jack Bosden. #vbnswcupRick Eyre
This game reminds me of so many Jets games I've seen this year - hot and cold within the space of minutes. #vbnswcup #caaarnbluebagsRick Eyre
#VBNSWCupGF 12-10 at half-time. #caaarnbluebags!Rick Eyre
Jack Bosden looks to have a serious arm injury #caaarnbluebagsSydney Roosters
Well he may have shanked the first kick but Captain Courageous Sean Meaney makes amends as he grounds a Madge Waters kick TRY #VBNSWCupGFNSWRL
But its not Reserve Grade any more. MT @AnthonyWatmough loving watching reserve grade on tv this game should really be played before we playRick Eyre
Here's a great shot of Ava Seumanufagai scoring our first try! #VBNSWCupGF Tigers
Seumanufagai gets the try as the big fella crashes over. Great ball from Moors to Iosefa the play before which set things up for the TigersWests Tigers
18th min: Try to Bosden barging over. Mortimer converts. #VBNSWCupGF #CaaarnBlueBags Jets 12-0Newtown Jets RLFC
so does the #VBNSWCupGF have the no.3 & 4 video refs, and the Toyota Cup no.5 & 6, or the other way around? #NRLGFRick Eyre
A reserve grade video ref? I shudder to thinkFire Up
7th: Try to Daniel Tupou for the jets from a cross field kick, mortimer put them in great position from a 40/20 #vbnswcupgf #rugbyleagueset of six
RT @Nattus28: RT @Nattus28: Current crowd number at Homebush - 8972. :D #CaaarnBlueBagsRick Eyre
We are UNDERWAY! The Newtown Jets getting off. #VBNSWCupGFLeague Unlimited
#vbnswcup #newtownrlfc The Jets bike has arrived!