From Bumble to me, a social media marketing campaign

Submitted by Rick Eyre on September 18 2012, 11:26 am

With the 2012 English domestic cricket season now completed, I almost forgot I had this.

Before the start of the Friends Life T20 series in June, the England and Wales Cricket Board embarked on a social media campaign whereby the punters could receive a personalised video message from David "Bumble" Lloyd inviting them to go watch the cricket.

Initially, @ECB_Cricket was sending these Bumblegrams to members of the English cricket media to launch publicity for their campaign. When I grumbled that these messages were clogging my Twitter timeline, they decided (unsolicited) to get Bumble to do a free sample for me too.

I must say it's a cute idea, even if Bumble is not exactly the Old Spice Guy. The postscript is that I didn't get on over to England to watch the FLT20, and I don't think it boosted their crowds much (if at all).


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