Suiting the lifestyle of modern consumers

Submitted by Rick Eyre on March 9 2012, 10:49 am

(The following is a press release issued by the England and Wales Cricket Board on 8 March 2012. It is reproduced here, in its entirety and uncut, except that I have inserted line breaks so that it may be read as blank verse. As surely it was intended to be. The original can be read here).

The principles of the Morgan Review,
which included a wide variety
of recommendations and proposals,
including basing domestic scheduling on an
‘appointment to view’
were today approved by the ECB Board.

Giles Clarke,
ECB chairman,

“Cricket has a unique opportunity
to capitalise on its
enviable financial strength
from recently-secured
long-term commercial partnerships.

“Whilst many of the recommendations will be
implemented immediately,
it is important
that thorough consumer research
and financial analysis
is carried out on the detailed strategy
to ensure that we have
a balanced domestic playing programme which suits
the lifestyles of the modern consumer
and allows for the production of
outstanding players with international potential participating
in vibrant domestic competitions.”

In addition, the chief executive
David Collier
and newly-appointed managing director
of the professional game,
Gordon Hollins,
have been tasked by the board
with producing a robust financial plan
to ensure the long-term sustainability
of the game and its stakeholders
from grassroots cricket
to the Test Match arena.

The ECB board
received the Woolf report
and welcomed the introduction
of an ICC board chairman
and the creation
of the role
of a ceremonial president.

The ECB board
also noted
that the International Cricket Council (ICC)
approved the future tours program (FTP)
through to 2019
and supports the vision of the ICC
as the global regulator
in co-operation
with its members.