Twitter-assisted cricket catch-up, Part Four: The Knobgate Years

Submitted by Rick Eyre on January 31 2010, 10:30 pm

January 15, 2010:

Pakistani #cricket is going nowhere until the pollies butt out. RT @Cricket365 Pakistan parliament want Alam fired 10:51 AM Jan 15th

#cricket Congrats to the Northern Territory who won their first Australian Country title yesterday 11:04 AM Jan 15th

#cricket NT's Aust Country Championship win from a NSW perspective. "It's come back and bitten us in the arse." 11:06 AM Jan 15th

#cricket #pakistan #australia Dismal. 6:06 PM Jan 15th

#cricket When "host broadcasters" become active participants in the game, it is time we all screamed at the ICC "STOP THIS MADNESS!!!" 8:56 PM Jan 15th

my last tweet referred to the Smith review at the Wanderers, btw #cricket 9:14 PM Jan 15th

#cricket TV should always be an independent observer. References to "host broadcasters" are creeping to Playing Conditions way too much. 9:17 PM Jan 15th

RT @Aggerscricket SABC defends itself: Harper's volume control was on 4 out of 10. He didn't turn it up. Edge audible when turned up. 10:45 PM Jan 15th from web

The day began with news of a milestone in Northern Territory cricket, continued with a typical day of a Pakistan v Australia Test (including a record partnership between Ponting and Clarke which I failed to acknowledge on Twitter), and ended with the scandal which would eventually be known as Knobgate!

January 16, 2010:

#cricket The Harper episode tells me that we've crossed a line. The sport has become addicted to tech but doesn't know how to cope with it. 9:41 AM Jan 16th

#cricket I'm a bit reluctant to criticise Daryl Harper over this. His training is as a cricket umpire, not an audio-visual technician. 9:42 AM Jan 16th

#cricket Wondering which act was worse: Daryl Harper's audio problem or Mohammad Yousuf's public berating of his teammates 11:23 AM Jan 16th

#cricket Watching the cricket but can't hear the commentary because I have the volume set to zero. Should I be sacked as a viewer? 11:38 AM Jan 16th

#cricket I do hope Salman Butt gets a big hundred this afternoon. He is, after all, batting for three... 12:41 PM Jan 16th

#cricket Two run outs, 102 then out still >100 short of the follow-on. I think I'll withhold my congratulations for Salman Butt. 2:12 PM Jan 16th

#cricket OTOH, why doesn't Simon Katich bowl more often?? 2:13 PM Jan 16th

The more I read of the failings of UDRS, the more I think Test #cricket should return to that other 4-letter acronym, KISS. 3:07 PM Jan 16th

#cricket Referee Mahanama's press release abt the Harper review of Smith: We really are descending into madness. 10:00 PM Jan 16th

#cricket Meanwhile, Zim-U19 lost to Canada RT @mailandguardian Zimbabwe gets serious about return to Test cricket

#cricket ECB demanding a refund of The Lost Review. I have three words for them: 1. Get; 2. Over; 3. It. 11:47 PM Jan 16th

Salman Butt scored a century for Pakistan after running out two of his team-mates on Friday evening, which was the catalyst for a public rebuke by captain Mohammad Yousuf at that day's post-match presser. In case you overlooked it above, here again is that link to the Mahanama press release clarifying Daryl Harper audio knob issues. Do read it.

January 17, 2010:

#cricket The Guardian's Paul Weaver on #knobgate 8:29 AM Jan 17th

didn't see a single ball of the Test today, however my daughter has now seen "Alvin and the Chipmunks The Squeakuel" 7:10 PM Jan 17th

and now to listen to the NSW-SA T20 #cricket on @abcgrandstand 7:20 PM Jan 17th

#cricket Redbacks tumbling early. Cmon Blues give us a consolation win. #kfct20 7:31 PM Jan 17th

@RedbacksT20 How on Earth does Cosgrove fit into Tait's shirt? #cricket #kfct20 7:34 PM Jan 17th

#cricket and these Redbacks will be representing Australia in the next Champions League? Oh dear... 8:13 PM Jan 17th

#cricket Well that didn't take long. Blues annihilate Redbacks. Less than 3 months since we were champions of the world. Oh well. 9:03 PM Jan 17th

adieu England. #cricket 9:32 PM Jan 17th

Another day of the Bellerive Test missed, but I did manage to catch NSW's dead-rubber annihilation of South Australia in the T20 on radio. (Didn't get an answer about the Tait-Cosgrove wardrobe interchange, btw.)

January 18, 2010:

#cricket If there's one thing unexpected abt the current Aus Test season, it is that WI has been more competitive than Pakistan. 11:14 AM Jan 18th

Australia 3, Pakistan 0.

January 19, 2010:

Livestock sale is on! Kieron Pollard to Mumbai after a tie breaker (penalty shootout? bowloff? Duckworth-Lewis Method??) #cricket #ipl 6:03 PM Jan 19th

#cricket A quick scan of the #ipl sales is very amusing. Damien Martyn, FFS? 7:46 PM Jan 19th

The third annual IPL meat market was a little underwhelming this year, partly because there were only about ten spots available, and all these weird and wonderful rules kept popping up before and after the auction enabling players to be signed up through all sort of technicalities. Unless, of course, you were a Pakistani.

January 20, 2010:

Australia's finest all-rounder of the past 20 years retired from international #cricket today. I am referring, of course, to Karen Rolton. 5:38 PM Jan 20th

#cricket The illustrious career record of Karen Rolton, who retired today. 6:16 PM Jan 20th

#cricket It's a sad indictment that the Australian women's cricket team has played just 14 Tests since 1995. Rolton played in all of them. 6:27 PM Jan 20th

#cricket Congratulations to Alex Blackwell, named captain of the Australian women's team to play NZ in February. 6:47 PM Jan 20th

If she was a bloke, Karen Rolton's retirement from international cricket would have been breaking news, lead news, front page news, back page news, and a World-First Exclusive on both A Current Affair and Today Tonight. But no.

Let's see if I have this clear: the live Youtube stream of the @IPL will *not* be available in Australia because of the telecast on OneHD. 7:39 PM Jan 20th

hmm. It seems the #IPL matches will be live on Youtube everywhere *except* the US! (and, perhaps, China?) #cricket 8:34 PM Jan 20th

I'm now reading that #IPL matches will be on delay on Youtube in countries where live TV coverage exists. All audacious and interesting... 9:58 PM Jan 20th

Lalit Modi and his operatives were breathlessly announcing the news that IPL matches in 2010 would be webcast on Youtube through an arrangement of some sort with Google. So breathless were the announcements - especially those crammed into 140 characters or less - that they never quite made sense. But hey, they were exciting... we were told that constantly!

January 21, 2010:

sigh. attn numerous media outlets: IPL3 will not be "the first time a sporting event will be telecast live on the Internet." 8:17 AM Jan 21st

#cricket Is @MClarke23 worth following? Depends on whether it's really him or his management company. And whether he actually tweets. 8:29 AM Jan 21st

Michael Clarke made his debut on Twitter, just in time for the one-day series in which he appears in TV advertisements for a "$29 Cap" - a mobile phone plan which includes GASP! Free Twitter Till March 31, 2010!

#cricket #haiti Trinidad & Tobago v Guyana T20 charity game starts in abt 2 hrs. But why no names given of the charities that will benefit? 8:38 AM Jan 21st

#cricket Not implying for a second anything improper abt the T&T-Guy T20, but the statement "All proceeds go to Haiti" doesn't tell me much. 8:40 AM Jan 21st

The WIPA, TTCB and GCB have done a great job arranging the #haiti T20 benefit at short notice. Wish other #cricket bodies would pitch in. 8:48 AM Jan 21st

Trinidad and Tobago played Guyana in a Twenty20 match at Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, to raise funds for victims of the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti on January 12. A great occasion arranged at short notice, but I am yet to see any reports of the amount of money raised, or the charities to whom the money was forwarded.