The Why It Looks Like My Uncle Oscar awards

Submitted by Rick Eyre on February 27 2007, 12:39 pm

Not much I can say about yesterday's Why It Looks Like My Uncle Oscars as I had only seen one nominated film, which picked up two WILLMUOs.

I was pleased to see "An Inconvenient Truth" win the WILLMUO for best documentary. I saw it at its Australian premiere at the Sydney Film Festival last June and bought the DVD in the week of its release (and have watched it again about three or four times since thus far). There may have been better documentaries over the years, but rarely has one been so relevant to the public conscience.

And is Al Gore the first person to have scored the most votes in a Presidential election and starred in a Willmuo-winning film?

If any more evidence is needed that the Best Song award is an anachronistic joke, I don't know what you need. It has to be a terminal sign when the Best Original Song award goes to a documentary. And an even more terminal sign when the only decent musical of the year (Dreamgirls) gets three nominations, and all are upstaged by said documentary. Congrats in any event to Melissa Etheridge.

And in another disturbing sign of the times, Jennifer Hudson became the first American Idol alumnus to score a Willmuo (for best supporting actress).

And with congratulations to one of my favourite Australian film-makers, Dr George Miller, who scored best animated feature for Happy Feet, I now have the following dilemma to face: should I watch "The Departed" before or after "Infernal Affairs"?