It's just not happening, is it?

Submitted by Rick Eyre on October 10 2004, 10:48 am

Labor does not seem to be making any ground on the Coalition. If anything, the Libs have gained votes, although this does appear to be in direct proportion to the votes One Nation has lost. The rednecks are back home again. The Democrats have been decimated, their vote seems to be shared between the Greens and Family First, ie, chalk and cheese.

Currently the ABC are saying that the Libs have picked up four seats from Labor (Greenway, Bass, Braddon, Wakefield), while Labor have regained Cunningham from the Greens, who will be unrepresented in the lower house. They are calling a Coalition majority of 20. Bloody hell.

Albo has won Grayndler for the fourth time, and it looks like he won't need preferences. Currently on 52%, a +3 swing. Steph Kokkolis has improved on Brett Kenworthy's 2001 vote for Libs to 24%. Philip Myers has polled 21% for the Greens. The invisible Jen Harrison has 2% for the Democrats, a -7 swing. The Socialist Alliance display their continuing irrelevance at 1.2%.

John Howard is back in Bennelong, albeit with a -3.5% swing. Andrew Wilkie has 17% of the vote at this stage.

Labor has regained Cunningham from the Greens. Sharon Bird has 39% of the primary vote. Sitting member Michael Organ whose win in the 2002 by-election was, let's face it, an aberration, is around 21% in third place.

As expected, Peter Garrett has pissed it in in Kingsford-Smith, twenty years after his failed bid for the Senate for the Nuclear Disarmament Party. He has given the ALP a +1.5 swing over Laurie Brereton's vote in 2001.

"Ross Cameron: Rooting for Parramatta" read the sign at Chinnaswamy Stadium on Thursday. He's not rooted yet, but it will be close.

I've given up watching the election telecast for now, the Bamboo Shoots Battle has begun.